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Faye is the perfect keynote speaker or break-out session facilitator for agencies that deal with the public such as:

  • women’s businesses networking associations
  • care giver programs
  • health care programs
  • police associations
  • nursing associations
  • small business networking groups
  • public employee groups

Topics Faye presents on:

  • Women’s Welfare Issues
  • Nigeria
Quirks & Jerks:Mental Health Issues

Using props and real-life scenarios, Faye embodies characters to deftly demonstrate aberrant and quirky behaviors. Through stories, her program enhances understanding of these behaviors, widens tolerance levels, and improves coping skill for members of your agency or organization.

Based on the needs of your group, participants will have the opportunity to

  • Analyze what is odd or quirky behavior
  • Identify coping skills
  • Strategize on how to incorporate skills in real life situations
  • Develop individual tiered plans for dealing with difficult people in their lives
  • Learn how humor works with quirks and jerks
  • Expand their comfort zone