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Meet Faye

Yes, I am from Nutterville, a place in Wisconsin where in 1952, sleepy country hills sloped gently, nestling my home, and created “my” swamps, defining who I was, and who I remain. Life was simple and sweet; my mom was the church organist, my dad was the church janitor, my uncle was the church Pastor, and my aunt the school teacher of the one-room school that contained 28 kids in all eight grades.

Since then, you could say I may have received a college education and earned a social work license; I may have also been married a few times. I may have lived many and various life-styles. I might have been involved with countless peoples and situations, including working with the mentally ill. You could say I have experienced jewels, and have had nuggets of joy working with the beautiful diversity of many cultures, including making a solo journey to the closed country of Nigeria, West Africa in 2014.

None of those things really changed the heart of that little girl from the swamps of Nutterville, who I was, and who I remain. It took me decades to realize that the name “Nutterville” might also be a state of mind, and not just my home town. To peek behind the smile on my face is to see that I have experienced much loss and grief in this world. The lessons I have learned are to be compassionate, kind, to let-go of the sorrows, and embrace all that is good and true. This is my quest. This is what I impart. That is why I exist.